CU English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4 2023

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 C.U. English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4  2023

C.U. English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4  2023

Calcutta University 2nd Semester English Honours(CC4) Suggestion 2023|C.U. Suggestion  2023  CC: 4 ENGLISH HONOURS Semester II |Calcutta University English Honours Sem-II CC-4 Suggestions|2023|Calcutta University Suggestion:  English Hons 2nd Semester (CC- 4 ) | 2023 2ND SEMESTER ENGLISH HONOURS CC-4 SUGGESTION | C.U. English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4  2023

Are you an English Hons student of Calcutta University and looking for Suggestion English Hons (2nd semester CC4) 2023 then you are on the right website. In this post, I am going to share C.U. English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4 2023. Hope this post would helpful. Thanks for visiting our website Please feedback with your suggestions, and advice, to improve our  website.

Calcutta University English Hons Suggestion 2nd semester CC4  2023

             Poem (Any two Questions out of four  (15 Marks  )

Andrew Marvell, 'To His Coy Mistress

1)**What is a metaphysical conceit? Elucidate with instances from AndrewMarvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’.


 Consider Marvell, 'To His Coy Mistress as a metaphysical poem.


2)** Discuss how Marvell uses the theme of ‘Carpe Diem to convey his feelings in ‘To His Coy Mistress

John Donne, 'The Good Morrow

1)      JohnDonne’s “The Good Morrow “is an unconventional love poem.” Discuss

2)      *Consider Donne’s “The Good Morrow “ as a metaphysical poem.

3)      Consider Donne’s ‘The Good Morrow’ as a love poem.

EdmundSpenser, 'One Day I Wrote Her Name

1)* Would you describe ‘One Day I Wrote Her Name' as a dramatic poem?

3)Discuss Spencer‘s attitude to love as found in ‘'One Day I Wrote Her Name.

William Shakespeare, Sonnets 18

1)Comment on Shakespeare’s use of imagery with reference to Sonnet 18  or Sonnet 130

2)How does Shakespeare immortalize his beloved in Sonnet 18


How does Shakespeare compare the beauty of this friend to that of a summer’s day in Sonnet?

William Shakespeare, Sonnets 130

1) Attempt a critical appreciation of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130.

2) Show how Shakespeare deviates from conventional Elizabethan love poetry in Sonnet 130.

3) Comment on Shakespeare’s portrayal of his mistress in Sonnet 130.

4) Critically examine Shakespeare’s use of imagery and illusion in Sonnet 130.

Geoffrey Chaucer: Wife of Bath’s Prologue

1) Sketch the character of ‘wife of Bath’ in Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Prologue.


Discuss the theme of feminism as found in Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Prologue.


 Is 'Wife of Bath’s Prologue' a feminist or anti–feminist?


 2) The Wife of Bath is a woman of great strength, vitality and aggression. She is a threatening presence in the Prologue. Do you agree? Give reasons.

3) Write a critical appreciation of ‘Wife of Bath’s Prologue’ by Geoffrey Chaucer.

4)Comment on the Wife of Bath’s to her first three husbands.

5)Is Wife of Bath an anti-clerical 

Drama (Any one (15 Marks  )

Christopher Marlowe, Edward II

1)    *Write a critical commentary on the murder scene in Edward II


Critically comment on the Death –scene in Edward II.

2)    *Comment on Marlow’s treatment of the irony of kingship in Edward II.

3)    Comment on Edward II as a history play.

4)    *Bring out the dramatic significance of the Abdication scene (Act V, Sc i)

5)    ** Comment on the role of the Younger Mortimer in Edward II.


Is It fair to describe Mortimer as a ‘villain’ and a ‘traitor’

6)    Examine the character of the Galveston 

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

1) Analyze Shakespeare‘s treatment of the supernatural in Macbeth.

2) Comment on the significance of the porter in Act II Sc. III of Macbeth


3)Write a critical note on the Banquet Scene in the play Macbeth.


Discuss Shakespeare’s use of the supernatural use in the Banquet Scene in the play Macbeth.

4) *Examine the use of dramatic irony in Macbeth.

5)Write a note on Shakespeare’s use of soliloquies in Macbeth.

6) Analyze the significance of the role of Lady Macbeth in the play Macbeth.

  Critically examine and comment on Shakespeare’s use of images in Macbeth.

William Shakespeare‘s Twelfth Night

1)** Comment on the role of Feste in Twelfth Night.

2) How are romance and reality blended in Twelfth Night? Answer with textual references.


 ‘Twelfth Night’ is a comedy built on the principle of contrast . Discuss with suitable examples from the text.

3) Examine the role of disguise and cross-dressing in Twelfth Night.

4)*What dramatic function is served by Malvolio in The Twelfth Night.

5)**Do you agree with the view that Viola is essentially a romance? Give reasons for your answer with close reference to the text.


Analyze the character of Viola and the significance of her role as the moving spirit of the drama.

6) Show how Shakespeare blends the real with the conversations of romance in Twelfth Night

6)**Consider Twelfth Night as a festive comedy.

7) Comment on the title of the play Twelfth Night.

William Shakespeare‘s As You Like It

 1)* Consider As You Like It as a romantic comedy.

 2) * Justify the title of As You Like It.

3)What is the dramatic function of the Forest of Arden in ‘As You Like It’.

4)Write an essay on Shakespeare’s exploration of the theme of love in ‘As You Like It’.

Calcutta University English Honours Syllabus (CBCS) -2023


Social and Intellectual Background


Geoffrey Chaucer, 'Wife of Bath's Prologue

Edmund Spenser, 'One Day I Wrote Her Name

William Shakespeare, Sonnets 18 & 130

John Donne, 'The Good Morrow'

Andrew Marvell, 'To His Coy Mistress



Christopher Marlowe, Edward II

OR William Shakespeare, Macbeth

William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

OR As You Like It



End Semester Question Pattern:

Objective – 5 marks

Two questions of 15 marks each from poetry (out of three)

Two questions of 15 marks each (one from each) from drama

(out of four, two from each)

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